Project Update: Owasco Lake Fishing

IMG_1205 copy.jpg
Sunrise on Owasco Lake.

Scientists need permits to work with biological samples. For the Finger Lakes Mercury (Hg) Project, we need permits to sample stream and lake invertebrates and fish. Unfortunately, it was already getting close to the end of the summer season, and we still had not received permission from the NY DEC to sample fish from Region 7, which includes Owasco Lake (and interestingly, half of Cayuga Lake).

We were getting nervous about not meeting our deadline for our fish collections on Owasco Lake, so we decided to take matters into our own hands and purchase individual licenses and try our hand at angling. Luckily, we had a local expert, John Gaulke, owner of Finger Lakes Angling Zone, to help us track down some Owasco Lakers to meet our project objectives.

On Labor Day, and what felt like the hottest day of the summer of 2015, we met John at Emerson Park and caught the beautiful sunrise pictured above. It was several hours before we finally caught the first Laker, but the day ended up being a great success and John was kind enough to offer to provide us with additional fish until we met our needed sample size.

Thanks to John for a great day on the water!

IMG_1242 copy.JPG
Roxanne catching her first Finger Lakes Lake Trout! First catch of the day.
IMG_1215 copy.JPG
A nice double by Leo and James.


IMG_1228 copy.jpg
A beautiful Finger Lakes Lake Trout.

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