Meet the Crew: John Foust

IMG_0920 copy.jpg
John electrofishing on Seneca Lake.

John Foust is Chair and Associate Professor of Environmental Conservation at Finger Lakes Community College. 

What is your role in the Finger Lakes Hg Project?

My main role was to collect fish specimens for mercury (Hg) analysis. Working with Finger Lakes Community College students, Finger Lakes Institute staff and Hobart and William Smith Colleges interns, we collected replicate samples of several fish species by boat electro-fishing and gill net capture, as well as coordinating with NYSDEC fish surveys. Collected fish species represented different trophic levels within the lake communities and may be relevant to biomagnification of Hg.

How does this project fit into your current research program?

This was a great project to provide students with experience of fish collection and working with other professionals in the field.

What has most interested or surprised you so far?

The direct and indirect mechanisms of Hg biomagnification.


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